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All Ears Audio is a recording studio located in Ukiah, California, in Mendocino County, 100 miles north of San Francisco. We specialize in recording acoustic musicians and small groups, spoken word, and other projects that require high-quality audio. We can produce a totally professional CD package for you. Our goal is to help local musicians and performers to have access to big-studio recording quality in an informal setting, with friendly service and low rates.


  • Acoustic musicians, singer-songwriters, folk musicians. Great mics and acoustics to capture every nuance.
  • Band demos. Complete CD and graphics packages, just about guaranteed to get gigs.
  • PSA's or radio spots. Precisely edited to any length, with or without music or sound effects backing.
  • Spoken word. Poetry, lectures or workshops, podcasts, family stories.
  • Computer and audio consulting and training.


As a local business, we keep our rates very reasonable to encourage "just plain folks" to take advantage of our comfortable relaxed atmosphere and professional quality. We want to make it easy to record your kid's flute playing, your grandfather's stories, or those great songs you wrote. If you're a musician or band looking to make a professional-sounding demo or album, we make demos that get gigs, at prices local bands can afford!

Top Quality Audio

With high quality professional gear and excellent studio acoustics, we can make a full-fidelity, natural-sounding recording of your performance. We can also take full advantage of studio techniques for multi-tracking, editing, and other enhancements to your sound. You can listen to some samples here.


Perched on a ridge overlooking the Ukiah Valley and Lake Mendocino, the studio has a wonderful view. It's private and quiet, spacious and comfortable. Extensive use of acoustical foam makes instruments and vocals sound great.


We offer a complete CD package, including professionally printed full color graphics. That includes full color on the front and back of the jewel case, as well as full color directly on the CD face (no stick-on labels!). All design done in-house. We also do poster and promotional graphic design.

Easy to Work With

You can talk to us on the phone or come over for a visit at no charge, and we offer a money-back guarantee on your first session if you're not satisfied, it's free. If you're new to recording, we'll show you how, step by step. We don't like to rush, we'd rather take the time for a high quality result. If you're doing a longer project, we'll offer a package deal instead of charging by the hour, so you don't have to watch the clock.

Training and Consulting

We also offer training and consulting, for those thinking of setting up their own home or project studio. Also general computer consulting and website design.